At St Bernard’s Prep we believe all pupils should have the opportunity to enjoy learning Maths.

Our passionate, hard-working team of teachers are committed to delivering high quality lessons where pupils can explore Mathematical principals and practise their skills.

Mathematics has an outstanding reputation at St Bernard’s Preparatory. We aim to challenge the interest and curiosity of our pupils to support the development of mathematical skills and understanding, particularly through enrichment activities. We want to help everyone share in the enjoyment and understand the importance of mathematics.

At St. Bernard’s  we enjoy stimulating, fast paced Maths lessons every day. Our spiral curriculum ensures continual revision and progression. This process allows for continual development to challenge the most able whilst also continuing revisiting earlier areas of knowledge for those who need it. We encourage children to engage in discussion to find solutions to maths problems. Our aim is for them to think mathematically, be imaginative and confident in using maths from an early age.

Primary Maths Challenge

St Bernard’s Prep has been taking part in the Primary Maths Challenge for many years. Each year the Maths Association offers the challenge which attracts schools from across the country, enabling pupils to take part in a mathematical contest which is both motivating and engaging. Each year pupils at St Bernard’s are excited to be a part of this challenge. We are always delighted with our successes but more importantly, we relish in just being able to take part.


The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. The UKMT organises national mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for 11-18 year old UK school pupils.

The Junior Challenge is aimed at the top third of pupils in Year 8 or below in England and Wales. For the last three years we have entered our most able mathematicians for this competition even though it is aimed for pupils two years above. We are always proud of all our children’s achievements but feel a special ‘glow’ at their success in the challenging UKMT competition.