Faith Ambassadors



The Faith Ambassador team are made up from one representative from each class from Yr1 to Yr 6 , in addition the Liturgy monitors from yr 6 are part of this team.

The group has been involved in driving a number of initiatives throughout the school year. These have included writing and presenting a Liturgy to present to the rest of the school, supporting fund raising efforts during Lent for the charity ‘Mission together’ and promoting prayer life in the school.

As part of their Lent Liturgy the Faith ambassador team shared the work of Sister Sonia, who works as a nurse for Mission together, they then wrote a letter of thanks to her and explained some of the work we had been doing at St. Bernard’s  Preparatory School.

Every Friday, a Chaplaincy session is held at lunchtime for either Lower or Upper school pupils. This last school year, the team have been actively supporting and leading sessions alongside school staff. 

The next big project  for the team will be updating our school prayer book.


A letter sent to Mission Together from our Faith ambassadors:

Dear Mission Together,

As a school, we would like to express our immense gratitude for all the charity work you are doing across the world.

In a world overflowing with hate and suffering, you are a beacon of hope for those who cannot see the light. It is very sad that just as we are writing this some child out there is dying of hunger, thirst or some kind of disease. Without charities like you these children would have no way of surviving.

You have inspired us to take a stand and try to make a difference. Even though we could not do a lot, you helped us realise that every little thing helps.

We went on your website and saw that you have been active in catholic schools for one hundred and seventy years, which is a very long time. You have clearly worked very hard to restore peace, love and religion to a world torn by war and selfishness. Your slogan also inspired us – it reminds us of how much we have, compared to others.

We are very grateful for your feedback on our ‘Snowdrop of Hope’ Lenten display and we are very glad that you enjoyed our work.

We would like to thank you once again for all the work you are doing throughout the world.

Love from

The Faith Embassadors

St Bernard’s Preparatory School