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Fee Structure


September 2019 - July 2020


Early Years Dept (Full-Time)                                        £3,060 per term inclusive of lunch
Early Years Dept (Part-Time)                                       Pro-Rata - Over Six Sessions per Week                                                                       Or                 £33.00 per session-Less Than Six Sessions


Years 1 and 2                                                                  £3,250.00 per term inclusive of lunch                               

Years 3 and 4                                                                  £3,500.00 per term inclusive of lunch                 

Years 5 and 6                                                                  £3,650.00 per term inclusive of lunch


There will be a fee reduction of                                  £125.00 for a second child

                                                                                              £140.00 for a third child

                                                                                              £160.00 for a fourth child



Payment terms

Please note that fees are due no later than the FIRST DAY of each term. All fees must be paid by bank transfer  with your child’s name as the reference.

Additional Charges

Pupils from Lower Trans upwards are required to purchase, for their personal use, a School Fountain pen, a Bible, an Atlas, Dictionary and Test Preparation Materials.  These items must be purchased through the school.  Homework club charges are applicable from 3.45pm at a cost of £8 per session.  Music lessons & After School Clubs are charged by the external provider.

Advance Payments

Parents have the option to pay school fees in advance at the beginning of the academic year, for which a small reduction will be offered, subject to approval by the Governors. Reductions will be comparable to current BOE interest rates.


If you would prefer to pay in instalments please contact the Bursar.

Debt Policy

St Bernard’s Debt Policy is strictly adhered to. Late payment and interest charges will apply on all accounts that are not paid on time. The school will seek payment through third party debt agencies in the event of non-payment of fees. Full details are available on the school website.

Terms Notice

A term’s notice of intention to remove a pupil must be given in writing, or payment of the full fees will be requested.


For more information on School Fees Insurance click here.