Living Our Faith

Weekly Reflection 20th May 2019


John 13:31-35


For those of us who sometimes find it difficult to get our heads around the Gospel message, this week’s offering is a gift, a really simple and straightforward instruction that goes to the absolute core of what it means to be a Christian; “love one another”. That’s it,

Jesus is keen for us to know that, through him, God the Father loves each and every one of us, absolutely and without condition and that we should strive to demonstrate this same unconditional love for every person we come across. Not easy of course but no one said that being a Christian was going to be easy.

At the heart of a Catholic education is the mission to send young people out into the world who will understand that it is love that will make it a better place.

The best way for them to understand this mission is for them to experience unconditional love both at home and at school. So, as always, it’s down to us to set the example.

For those looking for inspiration in the month of May, Our Lady provides a great example. If in doubt about how to treat someone, just think of how much their Mother loves them and try and match that!

Reflections on unconditional love:

·         Who do I love?

·         Who do I find it hard to love?

·         How might I demonstrate my love in practical ways?

·         How might I demonstrate my love in spiritual ways?