Living Our Faith

Weekly Reflection 24th June 2019


Luke 9:11-17



It’s the feeding of the 5,000 in Luke’s Gospel this week.. It may be a metaphorical reminder to share the resources we have… not that this happens in the global world when we explore the overwhelming wealth and resources of the few to the suffering and hardship of the many. It is actually a  reference to the Eucharist and the central role it plays in the life of the Catholic church.


Essentially, Jesus blesses, breaks and shares something that sustains all those who had gathered to hear Him speak. In much the same way, the Eucharist is shared amongst everyone in the church today, it draws us together and rather than filling our bellies, it gives us the spiritual sustenance we need to live life to the full.


A decent Catholic school probably follows a similar method to achieve its aims – it starts with prayer to bless our work, we take complicated ideas and break them down into something that can be easily understood (e.g. love one another, work hard etc), then we share it out – bless, break, share. A simple and straightforward model for success that has served the Benedictine and Bernardine communities for over a 1500 years.


Reflections on the Eucharist:

·         BLESS – How do I gain God’s blessing for the work I do?

·         BREAK - How can I help others to overcome difficulty?

·         SHARE - How do I share what is good with others? How do I get to share in                            all the good that God has to offer me?

Wishing you a wonderful week