Living Our Faith

Weekly Reflection 1st April 2019

The Prodigal Son

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

Luke’s Gospel has Jesus using a series of parables to explain how forgiveness works with God and we get to hear the most famous, “The Prodigal Son” in this week’s offering. We’re all familiar with the story of the Father and his two sons, one who dutifully stays home and works hard and the other who chooses to head off and do his own thing, only to return when he reaches rock bottom. Thankfully for the younger brother, his Father has a big heart and not only forgives him but welcomes him back with open arms. The older brother finds this difficult to stomach.

This is a familiar situation in Catholic schools where everyone is forgiven, we sometimes find ourselves questioning whether we should be rewarding a typically naughty youngster for just doing what is the expected norm for the majority. Perhaps we should spend more time praising and being grateful for all those who naturally do the right thing but nevertheless, the Gospel tell us that we should definitely celebrate when a previous wrong-doer repents.

One of the greatest gifts of a Catholic education, if we get it right, is learning how to forgive. The child who can learn to genuinely forgive will, in the long run, be a happy person.

Reflections on forgiveness:

Where do I need to be brave enough to admit that I’m wrong and ask for forgiveness?

Where do I need to be more generous towards those who are in need of forgiveness?

How willing am I to be embraced and forgiven by those wishing to forgive me?

How willing am I to be embraced by God this Lent?