Lower Transition

Year Author Book Title
3 Ahlberg. Allan The Giant Baby
3 Ahlberg. Allan Woof !
3 Ahlberg. Allan The Better Brown Stories
3 Ardagh. Philip  Awful End
3 Arkle. Phyllis The Village Dinosaur
3 Arkle. Phyllis The Railway Cat (Series)
3 Banks Lynne Reid  Harry, the Poisonous Centipede
3 Banks. Lynne Reid  Angela and Diabola
3 Barlow. Steve Stone Me !
3 Blackman. Malorie Girl Wonder and the Terrific Twins
3 Bond. Michael  Paddington Minds The House
3 Bradman. Tony One Nil
3 Branford. Henrietta  Spacebaby
3 Brown. Alan  The Dreaming Tree
3 Butterworth. Annette Jake Again
3 Carpenter. Humphrey Mr. Majeika (Series)
3 Cassidy. Anne  Spider Pie
3 Coleman. Michael  Football Stories
3 Corbett. W. J. The Dragon's Egg and Other Stories
3 Crebbin. June  Finders Keepers
3 Cresswell. Helen A Gift Fron Winklesea
3 Cresswell. Helen  The Piemakers
3 Cross. Gillian Rescuing Gloria
3 Cross. Gillian  The Roman Beanfeast
3 d’Lacey. Chris Scupper Hargreaves
3 Dahl. Roald The Magic Finger
3 Dahl. Roald Fantastic Mr. Fox
3 Daly. Niki Jamela's Dress
3 Daniels. Lucy Badger in the Basement
3 Daniels. Lucy Cub in the Cupboard (Series)
3 Dinan. Carolyn The Witch's Birthday Present
3 Doherty. Berlie Bella's Den
3 Doyle. Malachy Hero, Toffer and Wallaby
3 Duffey. Betsy  The Maths Wiz
3 Fine. Anne The Worst Child I Ever Had
3 Fine. Anne Jennifer’s Diary
3 Garfield. Leon  Fair’s Fair
3 Haigh. Liz The Dragon Ring
3 Horn. Sandra Ann The Silkie
3 Horse. Harry  The Last Gold Diggers
3 Hughes. Ted The Iron Man
3 Hughes. Ted The Iron Woman
3 Hutchins. Pat The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy
3 King. Deborah  Bear’s Dream
3 King-Smith. Dick The Hodgeheg
3 King-Smith. Dick King Max
3 King-Smith. Dick Smasher
3 King-Smith. Dick Philibert the First and Other Stories
3 King-Smith. Dick The Swoose
3 King-Smith. Dick All Because of Jackson
3 King-Smith. Dick Sophie’s Tom (Series)
3 Langley. Jonathan Little Red Riding Hood
3 Levine. Gail Carson  The Fairy’s Mistake
3 Lofting. Hugh  Doctor Doolittle Stories
3 Mahy. Margaret  The Great Piratical Rumbustification
3 Mahy. Margaret  The Librarian and the Robbers
3 Mayne. William The Fox Gate and Other Stories
3 Moon. Pat Barking Mad
3 Morpurgo. Michael  Tom’s Sausage Lion
3 Morpurgo. Michael  Black Queen
3 Mounter. Paddy Attila the Hen
3 Murphy. Jill The Worst Witch (Series)
3 Nabb. Magdalen  Josie Smith in Autumn
3 Newberry. Linda Ice Cat
3 Nimmo. Jenny The Owl Tree
3 Powling. Chris  The Conker as Hard as a Diamond
3 Pringle. Eric Big George
3 Rainsbury. Julie  Crab-Boy Cranc
3 Richemont. Enid  The Magic Skateboard
3 Rodgers. Frank The Intergalactic Kitchen
3 Rosselson. Leon Rosa’s Singing Grandfather
3 Sage. Angie Shark Island
3 Sefton. Catherine The Day the Smells Went Wrong
3 Storr. Catherine Polly and the Wolf Stories
3 Strong. Jeremy  Lightning Lucy
3 Strong. Jeremy  Fatbag, the Demon Vacuum Cleaner
3 Strong. Jeremy  Pirate Pandemonium
3 Strong. Jeremy  The Hundred -Mile-An-Hour Dog
3 Swindells. Robert Ice Palace
3 Swinneton. Beth The Curse of the Dolphin
3 Thompson. Colin  Falling Angels
3 Tomlinson. Jill The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
3 Tomlinson. Theresa  Little Stowaway
3 Townson. Hazel  The Choking Peril
3 Ure. Jean Monster in the Mirror
3 Ure. Jean Chums
3 Waddell. Martin  The Dump Gang
3 Wallace. Karen  Cleopatra’s Carpet
3 Walsh. Jill Paton  Thomas and the Tinners
3 White. E. B. Charlotte's Web
3 Whybrow. Ian Little Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds
3 Wilson. David Henry Superdog