The Arts

Within the Art, Design and Technology department at St. Bernard’s Prep School, the pupils are given opportunities to develop and extend their creative, technical and problem solving skills. The traditional skills of drawing and painting are fundamental to children's learning and a rich and varied programme of artistic opportunities also include printmaking, textiles and sculpture which form part of a broader curriculum. The aim is to find a means of engaging each child's innate creative response; children do need first hand experiences as a learning resource to provide nourishment to support their physical and mental practices. Our varied curriculum allows us to introduce our children to the wonders and realities of the world in which we live and does include art, craft and design forms from our own and other cultures and times. Our children participate in visits to art galleries, museums and places of worship during theirtime here. These prove to be an enriching experience and will broaden the children’s understanding and expectations. Looking at expressive and functional qualities in other people’s art and design and considering shape, form, pattern, space, form, colour, line, tone and texture helps to make the children’s own work more real and relevant. It also allows them to work confidently in group and class situations as well as individually:- thinking, making, modifying the work they are undertaking, discussing and appraising the tasks undertaken. We celebrate the achievements of all our children. They gain a sense of achievement,purpose and value.

  1. Art Policy