Upper Prep

Year Author Book Title
2 Ahlberg. Allan The Better Brown Stories
2 Ahlberg. Allan Ten in a Bed
2 Allen. Joy Sports Day For Charlie
2 Anholt. Laurence  Shampoozel
2 Anholt. Laurence  The Emperor's Underwear
2 Ashley. Bernard Dinner Ladies Don’t Count
2 Baudet. Stephanie The Incredible Shrinking Hippo
2 Blackman. Malorie Girl Wonder and the Terrific Twins
2 Bond. Michael Paddington Minds The House
2 Bradman. Tony One Nil
2 Bradman. Tony Gerbil Crazy
2 Brown. Alan The Dreaming Tree
2 Brown. Ken Lucky Mucky Pup
2 Camp. Lindsay  Sammy’s Super Season
2 Cassidy. Anne Spider Pie
2 Cate.Dick Bernard’s Gang
2 Child. Lauren Clarice Bean, That's Me
2 Child. Lauren Beware of the Storybook Wolves
2 Clover. Peter Rescue Riders
2 Crebbin. June Finders Keepers
2 Dahl. Roald The Minpins
2 Dale. Jenny Willow the Wild Pony
2 Dalton. Annie The Jam Jar Genie
2 Dalton. Annie The Frog Files 
2 Dicks. Terrance The Littlest Dinosaur
2 Doyle. Malachy Hero, Toffer and Wallaby
2 Duffey. Betsy The Maths Wiz
2 Dunmore. Helen Amina’s Blanket
2 Fearnley. Jan Mr. Wolf's Pancakes
2 Fine. Anne Only A Show
2 French. Vivian Aesop’s Funky Fables
2 French. Vivian Hedgehogs Don’t Eat Hamburgers
2 Garland. Sarah Tex the Cowboy
2 Gibbie. Mike Small Brown Dog's Bad Remembering Day
2 Goodhart. Pippa  Kind of Twins
2 Gowar. Mick The Day We Brightened Up the School
2 Haigh. Liz The Dragon Ring
2 Hawkins. Elizabeth Hamster in Danger
2 Heide. Florence Parry The Shrinking of Treehorn
2 Hooke. Nina Hooke The Snow Kitten
2 Hughes. Ted  The Iron Giant
2 Impey. Rose The Vanishing Mouse Trick
2 Jobling. Curtis Dinosaurs After Dark
2 Jones. Terry Fairy Tales
2 King. Deborah Bear’s Dream
2 King-Smith. Dick Animal Stories
2 King-Smith. Dick The Invisible Dog
2 King-Smith. Dick George Speaks
2 King-Smith. Dick Huge Red Riding Hood
2 King-Smith. Dick Hogsel and Gruntel
2 King-Smith. Dick Thinderella
2 King-Smith. Dick Poppet
2 King-Smith. Dick Dumpling
2 King-Smith. Dick The Magic Carpet Slippers
2 King-Smith. Dick Julius Caesar’s Goat
2 King-Smith. Dick The Finger Eater
2 Langley. Jonathan Little Red Riding Hood
2 Leeson. Robert Geraldine Gets Lucky
2 Levine. Gail Carson The Fairy’s Mistake
2 Long. Jonathan The Wonkey Donkey
2 Lunn. Kate Princesses Are Not Quitters
2 Mahy. Margaret The Five Sisters
2 Mayne. William Lady Muck
2 McNaugton Colin Goal
2 Morpurgo. Michael Tom’s Sausage Lion
2 Newberry. Linda  The Cat With Two Names
2 Nimmo. Jenny  Wilfred’s Wolf
2 Offen. Hilda Rita the Rescuer
2 Oram. Hiawyn Little Brother and the Cough
2 Pearce. Philippa Mrs Cockle’s Cat
2 Potts. Ghillian  Witch in the Classroom
2 Powling. Chris The Conker as Hard as a Diamond
2 Priestly. Chris Dog Magic
2 Prince. Alison Bumble
2 Rainsbury. Julie Crab-Boy Cranc
2 Roda. Emily Bob and the House Elves
2 Rodgers. Frank The Witch’s Dog
2 Sage. Angie Shark Island
2 Seattle. Chief /Jeffers. Susan Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
2 Sefton. Catherine The Day the Smells Went Wrong
2 Simont. Marc The Stray Dog
2 Smith. Alexander. McCall The Doughnut Ring
2 Storr. Catherine Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf
2 Strong. Jeremy Lightning Lucy
2 Thompson. Colin Falling Angels
2 Toksvig. Sandi The Troublesome Tooth Fairy
2 Umansky. Kaye King Keith and the Jolly Lodger
2 Ure. Jean Monster in the Mirror
2 Ure. Jean Chums
2 Wallace. John Jungle Kids
2 Wallace. Karen Cleopatra’s Carpet
2 Wells. Rosemary Lassie Come Home
2 Williams. Marcia No Worries
2 Wilson. Jacqueline  Mark Spark in the Dark