Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for St Bernard's Prep Pupils in National Primary Maths Challenge

Once again pupils at our excellent school claimed well deserved awards in the annual Primary Maths Challenge (PMC).  This international test, designed for children aged between 9 and 11, aims to challenge and stimulate young minds. Year after year, our Year 6 students rise to the occasion, showcasing their mathematical prowess and making us immensely proud.

In November 2023, over 64,000 Year 6 pupils from across the world participated in the first round of the challenge. Those who scored 20 or above were invited to take part in a bonus round which took place last month. Out of the 4,500 children who advanced to this stage, we are delighted to share that 7 of our own pupils—Nainikka, Kaiden L, Arjun B, Zane, Ayesha, Arjun J, and Meena P—stepped up to the challenge.


The bonus round presented our select cohort with intricate questions, such as: "A multiplication table has been encrypted with letters. The letters W, X, Y, and Z represent different digits. From which times table could these two facts be true? W x W = XW and Y x W = ZW"


The results are now in!  Nationally just under half of the participants in the bonus round qualified for a bronze, silver, or gold award and we are incredibly proud to announce that all 7 of our pupils scored above 17, earning themselves well-deserved awards.

  • Nainikka achieved a Gold Award. Only 153 pupils out of the original 64,000 entrants to the Primary Maths Challenge reached this level, placing her in the top 1% of mathematicians who entered from across the globe.  Quite an achievement!
  • Kaiden L and Arjun B secured a Silver Award. This distinction was earned by only 767 pupils nationwide, highlighting their exceptional mathematical skills.
  • Zane, Ayesha, Arjun J, and Meena P attained the Bronze Award, a fantastic accomplishment.


We celebrate all the pupils who participated in this challenge and the spirit of inquiry and learning that the Primary Maths Challenge fosters. Their dedication and hard work have truly paid off. We also want to express our gratitude to our exceptional teachers, whose guidance and support have been instrumental since these students first joined St. Bernard's Prep.


This year's success in the Primary Maths Challenge once again demonstrates the commitment to excellence and academic achievement that defines our school. Well done to all!