STEAM is an acronym for:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

These are subjects that help us to learn about our world and create inventions to make our lives easier.

Instead of treating them as separate subjects, STEAM groups them together and gives opportunity to solve real life problems like helping the future of our planet.

STEAM helps us realise that mistakes are normal and, in fact, can be seen as a positive because they help you to move on to something greater.

Skills learnt from STEAM Activities:

  • Collaboration

  • Research

  • Critical Thinking

  • Communication

  • Problem-Solving

  • Creativity

Jobs in the real world are interdisciplinary. We need to educate children in how subjects integrate and work together. They need to develop diverse skills sets and a passion for exploration and growth. It is about learning how to think critically and evaluate information. How to apply knowledge, research and skills to problem-solve. These Skills are taught in an applied way, as part of every lesson, rather than the traditional approach of individual lessons.