Guardian Angels Liturgy

The Year 6 led a beautiful Liturgy this morning to celebrate Guardian Angels.

Please find our Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies full speech:

Thank you speech


Rohan: Good morning. As heads and deputy heads of this school, we would like to express our recognition through this speech. We are all very thankful to the staff for trying their best during these unprecedented and uncertain times. You are always our Guardian Angels both mentally and physically and have shaped us into well-behaved students at St Bernard’s Preparatory School.

Ria: Yes, they have shaped us into sensible and courteous children, well most of us anyway (I am looking at you Rohan)! All the teachers at St Bernard’s are supportive and help us to grow into better people. We are very grateful for everything that the cleaning and dinner staff do for us such as: making us delicious lunches and cleaning the classrooms (we are very sorry for making so much mess)!

Amaya: We are very proud to be a part of St Bernard’s Prep, mainly because of all the wonderful staff who teach and help here. Our affiliation with this incredible school began in pre-early years. We would like to thank all reception teachers who have put up with our mess and helped us with fundamental learning skills. They sowed the seeds of our learning, watering us with knowledge and laughter.

Nikhil: Mr Cheesman, we are very grateful for all the hard-work and dedication you have put into this school. Thank you for providing us with the best facilities for our learning. You have guided us through this journey with your leadership and uplifted our spirits with your funky dance moves.

Nikhil: A special shout out to Miss Robinson and Mr Barendse for keeping us fit and healthy.

Rohan: In addition, we would like to mention how we appreciate the lower school staff for their patience and resilience with the younger pupils.

Ria: Furthermore, thank you to the upper school teachers. Your thoughtfulness is a virtue we will always treasure. You help us unlock our best potential.

Amaya: A special mention to our IT wizard Mrs Rafferty, our science supremo Mrs Skorupska, music maestro Miss Johnson and merci to our fabulous French teacher Madame Miller. Tres bien!

Nikhil: We thank all the teaching assistants and caretakers for their commitment to our wellbeing. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.

Rohan: Thank you so much!

Ria: You are our foundation of learning.

Nikhil: You will always stay in our memories.

Amaya: We will never forget you.