How do you know who you are unless you know where you’ve come from?” How can you tell what’s going to happen unless you know what’s happened before? History isn’t just about the past, its about why we are, who we are and about 'what’s next' ”                                                                                                                                                        Tony Robinson, Actor and Television Presenter

“In history pupils find evidence, weigh it up and reach their own conclusions. To do this they need to sift through evidence and argue for their own point of view – skills prized in adult life.”                                                                                                                                                                           National Curriculum

At St. Bernard's Preparatory School we endeavour to foster a love for history and develop our pupils’ sense of curiosity about the past. We aim to develop children’s sense of identity through learning about the development of Britain, Europe and the world. Our children are introduced to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past. This begins in our Early Years Department where the children are given opportunities to learn about the difference between past and present. Their learning culminates in Remove class (Year 6) where our pupils use their factual knowledge and understanding of history to describe and make links between features of past societies and periods. They know that history can be interpreted in different ways and can suggest possible reasons for this. In order to foster a love for history we offer our pupils a varied and stimulating curriculum. The children have the opportunity of handling historical artefacts and enjoy such sessions as ‘What am I?’ and a Victorian washday. We invite theatre, music and dance groups into school to run workshops with the children. There are presentations by specialist historical companies who really bring history alive with their lively workshops. The children have the opportunity of participating in educational visits: the Victorian schoolroom, story telling in a replica Celtic roundhouse and many more.

  1. History Policy