Year Author Book Title
4 Ahlberg. Allan The Giant Baby
4 Ahlberg. Allan Woof !
4 Ashley. Bernard Justin and the Demon Drop Kick
4 Banks. Lynne Reid Harry, the Poisonous Centipede
4 Banks. Lynne Reid Angela and Diabola
4 Bawden. Nina Granny, the Pag
4 Birch. Caroline Christy’s Dream
4 Burnard. Damon The Revenge of the Killer Vegetables
4 Carpenter. Humphrey Mr. Majeika (Series)
4 Coleman. Michael Gizzmo Lewis, Fairly Secret Agent
4 Cooper. Dutch Josie 
4 Dahl. Roald Fantastic Mr. Fox
4 Dahl. Roald The Witches
4 Dahl. Roald The Magic Finger
4 Daniels. Lucy Badger in the Basement
4 Daniels. Lucy Cub in the Cupboard
4 Dann. Colin The Animals of Farthing Wood
4 Dinan. Carolyn              The Witch’s Birthday Present
4 Ellis. Mary Lily Dragon
4 Fine. Anne The Diary of a Killer Cat
4 Fine. Anne Jennifer’s Diary
4 Fine. Anne Charm School
4 Foreman. Michael War Boy
4 Geras. Adele A Candle in the Dark
4 Haddon. Ark Agent Z Goes Wild
4 Hendry. Diana Harvey Angell
4 Hooper. Meredith The Pole Seekers
4 Howarth. Lesley The Squint
4 Hutchins. Pat The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy
4 Jarman. Julia The Time-Travelling Cat and theTudor Treasure
4 Jarman. Julia The Jessame Stories 
4 Jones. Terry Fantastic Stories
4 Jones. Terry The Saga of Eric the Viking
4 King-Smith. Dick           The Water Horse
4 King-Smith. Dick           Daggie Dogfoot
4 King-Smith. Dick           Noah’s Brother
4 King-Smith. Dick           Lady Daisy
4 King-Smith. Dick           The Swoose
4 King-Smith. Dick           Fantastic Mr. Fox
4 King-Smith. Dick           The Crowstarver
4 Lofting. Hugh Doctor Doolittle Stories
4 McGough. Roger The Great Robbery
4 McGough. Roger Stinkers Ahoy!
4 Morpurgo. Michael Billy the Kid
4 Morpurgo. Michael Kensuke’s Kingdom
4 Morpurgo. Michael The Butterfly Lion
4 Murphy. Jill The Worst Witch (Series)
4 Nabb. Magdalen Josie Smith in Autumn
4 Nimmo. Jenny The Stone Mouse
4 Nimmo. Jenny The Chestnut Soldier
4 Place. Francois The Last Giants
4 Robert Leeson Tom’s Private War
4 Rodgers. Mary Freaky Friday
4 Shearer. Alex The Computer Wizard
4 Shipton. Paul Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear
4 Skene. Patrick The Chocolate Touch
4 Strong. Jeremy The Hundred Mile-An- Hour-Dog 
4 Strong. Jeremy Lightning Lucy
4 Swindells. Robert Ice Palace
4 Swindells. Robert Hurricane Summer
4 Tomlinson. Theresa Meet Me by the Steelmen
4 Tomlinson. Theresa Little Stowaway
4 Ure. Jean Big Tom
4 Whybrow. Ian Little Wolf, Forest Detective
4 Wilson. Jaqueline The Cat Mummy
4 Wilson. Jaqueline Vicky Angel
4 Wilson. Jaqueline Video Rose