Upper Transition

Year Author Book Title
5 Aronson. Linda Kelp
5 Arrigan. Mary Baldur’s Bones
5 Ashley. Bernard The Trouble With Donovan Croft
5 Ashley. Bernard Rapid
5 Baldry. Cherith Mutiny in Space
5 Banks. Lynne Reid The Indian in the Cupboard
5 Banks. Lynne Reid The Key to the Indian 
5 Bawden. Nina Keeping Henry
5 Bawden. Nina The Peppermint Pig
5 Bawden. Nina Granny The Pag
5 Bawden. Nina Carrie's War
5 Bawden. Nina Granny The Pag
5 Berry. James A Thief in the Village
5 Bevan. Clare Mightier Than The Sword
5 Blackman. Malorie Computer Ghost
5 Blackman. Malorie A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E.
5 Booth. Martin War Dog
5 Burgess. Melvin The Earth Giant
5 Burnett. Frances Hodgson The Secret Garden
5 Byars. Betsy The Eighteenth Emergency
5 Byars. Betsy The Midnight Fox
5 Byars. Betsy The Summer of the Swans
5 Byars. Betsy The Battle of Bubble and Squeak
5 Coleman. Michael          Football Stories
5 Colfer. Eoin Artemis Fowl
5 Cooper. Louise Storm Ghost
5 Cresswell. Helen Lizzie Dripping
5 Cross. Gillian Rent-A-Genius
5 Crossley-Holland. Kevin The Seeing Stone
5 Dahl. Roald The Witches
5 Dann. Colin The Animals of Farthing Wood
5 Dicks. Terrance The Pyramid Incident
5 Doherty. Berlie The Sailing Ship
5 Dunmore. Helen Zillah and Me
5 Durrell. Gerald My Favourite Animal Stories
5 Fine. Anne Flour Babies
5 Foreman. Michael War Boy
5 Hall. Willis The Secret Visitors
5 Hirsch. Odo Antonio S. and the Mystery of Theo Guzman
5 Ibbotson. Eva Journey to the River Sea
5 Jennings. Paul Undone!
5 Jones. Diana Wynne Wild Robert
5 Jones. Diana Wynne Black Maria
5 Jung. Reinhhardt Dreaming in Black and White 
5 Kemp. Gene The Clock Tower Ghost
5 Kemp. Gene The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler
5 King. Clive Stig of the Dump
5 King-Smith. Dick The Roundhill
5 King-Smith. Dick The Crowstarver
5 Laird. Elizabeth Secret Friends
5 Lewis. C. S. The Magician’s Nephew
5 Lively. Penelope The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
5 Mahy. Margaret The Riddle of the Frozen Phantom
5 Mark. Jan Thunder and Lightnings
5 McCaughrean. Geraldine The Kite Rider
5 Morpurgo. Michael Dear Olly
5 Morpurgo. Michael Why The Whales Came
5 Morpurgo. Michael Kensuke’s Kingdom
5 Morpurgo. Michael The Ghost of Grania O’Malley
5 Morpurgo. Michael Little Foxes
5 Morpurgo. Michael The Wreck of the Zanzibar
5 Murray. Denis The Duck Street Gang
5 Naidoo. Beverley The Other Side of the Truth
5 Norriss. Andrew Aquila
5 Norriss. Andrew Matt’s Millions
5 Norton. Mary The Borrowers
5 O’Brien. Robert C. Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
5 Pearce. Phillipa The Battle of Bubble and Squeak
5 Peyton. K. M. Danger Offshore
5 Pilling. Ann Henry’s Leg
5 Pullman. Phiilip Clockwork
5 Purkis. Christine Paddlefeet
5 Richemont. Enid The Stone That Grew
5 Ridley. Philip Vinegar Street
5 Ridley. Philip Meteorite Spoon
5 Ridley. Philip Kasper in the Glitter
5 Ridley. Philip Scribbleboy
5 Rodgers. Mary Freaky Friday
5 Rowling. J K. Harry Potter (Series)
5 Sefton. Catherine Emer’s Ghost
5 Shearer. Alex The Computer Wizard
5 Smucker. Barbara Jacob's Little Giant
5 Springer. Margaret Move Over, Einstein
5 Stewart. Paul Adam's Ark
5 Storr. Catherine The Boy and the Swan
5 Turnbull. Ann Deep Water
5 Umansky. Kaye Pongwiffy
5 Ure. Jean Fruit and Nutcase
5 Ure. Jean Becky Bananas
5 Ure. Jean Big Tom
5 Westall. Robert Blitz
5 Wilson. Forrest Super Gran