Year of Pilgrimage

In 2022 at St. Bernard's Preparatory School, we are going on a special Journey – a pilgrimage.

During the pandemic, the journeys we may have normally taken, whether that be to a holiday or pilgrimage destination, have been thwarted; but nevertheless, our spiritual journey continues.

From January through to December 2022, from the comfort of our classrooms, we will be entering on a spiritual pilgrimage to become closer with God through Jesus.

Like all good journeys, this one starts with a map. Below you can see the map of our pilgrimage for the year:

What do we have to do on our pilgrimage?

In our year of the pilgrimage, we are asking every child to continue to carry out and demonstrate four key tasks:

  • Charity
  • Prayer
  • Penance
  • Solidarity

These four jobs will be threaded through our continual spiritual journey. We will work as a school to understand how these four simple tasks can bring is closer to God.