The Hunger Cloth

Year 6 have been discussing the depiction of Christ in The Hunger Cloth by Jacques-Richard Chery.

In The Hunger Cloth we see Jesus depicted as a black man. The painting is vibrant and breaks off into many sections portraying biblical stories. Jesus is placed in the centre and your eye is immediately drawn towards him, he is crucified on a tree which branches out, and then you start to unravel the many stories surrounding him. It is a strong and rich piece of work with so much symbolism weaved between each section. In this picture we see Noah and his animals; the Ten Commandments; Adam and Eve at the very top of the tree and ongoing war and conflict. All of these powerful sections are encompassed inside the rainbow, this rainbow signifies how love and conflict can survive together. These stories from the Bible can help others learn about God and his ways. I think the painter successfully makes us see that Christ is the central focus of everyone's lives and only Christ has the power to make things right in the world.

Yuvraj, Year 6