Extended Day

St. Bernard’s has developed a programme of after school activities which not only broadens the school curriculum but also provides opportunities for the children to challenge and extend themselves through the pursuit of new skills.
In the Upper School, the sports curriculum is enhanced and developed by After School Sports Clubs, in which all children are required to participate. These are held weekly on a Tuesday for Years 3 and 4 and on Wednesday for Years 5 and 6. The additional sports curriculum for the Upper school enables the children to develop both their skills and their team spirit through friendly matches with other local Independent Schools. During the first two terms of the Academic Year, the Year 3 classes have the opportunity to acquire and develop their swimming skills. They are supported by our trained staff using the facilities of the Langley Leisure Centre.
In the Upper School a Homework Club is held after each school day, enabling the children to complete their homework with supervision. The Lower School children have an activity club which is preceded by a drink and snack with a short playtime.
There are also many opportunities for the children to develop interests beyond the normal curriculum. A range of after School Clubs are held: ballet, football, art, computer, judo, Streetdance, guitar, drums, flute, violin and piano are all currently offered. Children are encouraged to participate in as wide a variety of interests as possible – they are free to choose clubs that are of particular interest to them. 
We are constantly seeking new opportunities for our children. Our Remove children participate in a trip to Chateau Broutel in Rue in France taking part in cultural and sporting activities. Our children practice their language skills in a French market, visit the war graves and engage in abseiling, canoeing, archery and other activities.
We have recently established Holiday Clubs offering sports coaching and educational activities during the school recess.
The school is justly proud of its annual theatrical performances. During the Advent Term the Early Years Department present a Christmas Nativity whilst the Middle and Upper Schools present their own end of term plays, produced and directed by specialist senior staff. Dramatic and musical skills are fostered as the children and staff work together to create an unforgettable experience for both the children and their audience.