After School Sports and Clubs

St Bernard’s Preparatory School




After School Sports

After school sports is a compulsory extended day until 4:45pm for Year 3 to Year 6 starting on Tuesday 7th September and ending on Friday 26th November.


Tuesday              Year 4

Wednesday        Year 6

Thursday            Year 3

Friday                  Year 5


Homework Club

Homework Club takes place Monday to Friday 3.45-4.45pm starting on Monday 6th September and ending on Monday 13th December.  A charge of £8.35 is applicable.  Children will be entered on the attendance register.  Please book and pay for each session via ParentMail 24hrs prior to attendance.  If less than 24hrs please call the office.  If paying via Childcare vouchers please email to book it for you.


Collection points:

Early Years          Front door

Year 1-3               Year1 fire exit door

Year 4-6               Year 6 fire exit door


Extra-curricular clubs

The following clubs will also be available from 13th September until 10th December with the exception of Judo* which starts Thursday 9th September & Football* which ends 29th November. To register for any of these clubs please log into your ParentMail account and purchase from shop items. 



Art & Craft          EY2-Y6                   3:45-4:45pm       Collect DT room

Football*             Y2-6                       3:45-4:45pm       Collect front door


Computer           Y1-3, Y5-6            3:45-4:45pm       Collect Y1 fire exit door

Drama                   EY2-Y2                   3:45-4:45pm       Collect front door


Ballet                     PEY-EY2                3:30-4:00pm       Collect front door

Ballet                     Y1-3                       4:00-4:45pm       Collect front door

Music Theory     Y1-2                       1:00-1:30pm      

Music Theory     Y4-6                       1:00-1:45pm      


Choir                     Y4-6                     3:45-4:45pm       Collect Y6 fire exit door

Judo *                   Y1-Y2, Y4-6          3:45-4:45pm       Collect front door

Sewing                 Y1-Y2, Y4-6           3:45-4:45pm       Collect DT room


Street Dance      Y1-Y4, Y6              3:45-4:45pm       Collect front door


The clubs are charged on a half termly basis. If a session is missed due to teacher absence an alternate date will be offered.  No refunds will be offered for pupil absence.