Year Author Book Title
6 Adams. Richard Watership Down
6 Aiken. Joan Midnight is a Place
6 Aiken. Joan The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
6 Alcott. Louisa Little Women
6 Anderson. Rachel Blackthorn, Whitethorn
6 Banks. Lynne Reid The Indian in the Cupboard
6 Banks. Lynne Reid The Mystery of the Cupboard
6 Bawden. Nina Carrie's War
6 Bawden. Nina Keeping Henry
6 Bawden. Nina The Peppermint Pig
6 Bawden. Nina The Real Plato Jones
6 Bevan. Clare Mightier Than The Sword
6 Blacker. Terence The Transfer
6 Blackman. Malorie A. N. T. I. D. O. T. E.
6 Blackman. Malorie Computer Ghost
6 Blackman. Malorie Hacker
6 Blackman. Malorie Operation Gadgetman !
6 Blackman. Malorie Pig-heart Boy
6 Blackman. Malorie Thief !
6 Boston. Lucy M. The Children of Green Knowe
6 Buckeridge. Anthony Jennings Goes To School
6 Burgess. Melvin The Earth Giant
6 Burnett. Frances Hodgson The Little Princess
6 Burnett. Frances Hodgson The Secret Garden
6 Byars. Betsy The Cartoonist
6 Byars. Betsy The Midnight Fox
6 Byars. Betsy The Pinballs
6 Cattell. Bob  Glory in the Cup
6 Conlon-McKenna. Marita Under The Hawthorn Tree
6 Cooper. Susan Dawn of Fear
6 Cooper. Susan Over Sea, Under Stone
6 Cooper. Susan The Boggart
6 Cooper. Susan The Boggart and the Monster
6 Cooper. Susan The Dark is Rising
6 Corlett. William The Magician's House
6 Corlett. William The Steps Up The Chimney
6 Corlett. William The Tunnel Behind The Waterfall
6 Corlett. William The Bridge in the Clouds
6 Cresswell. Helen Moondial
6 Cresswell. Helen The Night-Watchmen
6 Cresswell. Helen The Watchers
6 Crompton. Richmal Just William ( Series )
6 Cross. Gillian The Crazy Shoe Shuffle
6 Cross. Gillian The Demon Headmaster ( Series )
6 Cross. Gillian The Great Elephant Chase
6 Crossley-Holland. Kevin Beowulf    
6 Dahl. Roald The Witches
6 Dann. Colin City Cats
6 Dann. Colin Just Nuffin
6 Dann. Colin King of the Vagabonds
6 Dann. Colin The Animals of Farthing Wood
6 Danziger. Paula Earth To Matthew
6 Danziger. Paula Make Like A Tree And Leave
6 Defoe. Daniel Robinson Crusoe
6 Dickens. Charles A Christmas Carol
6 Dickens. Charles Great Expectations
6 Dickinson. Peter The Weathermonger
6 Digby. Anne First Term at Trebizon
6 d'Lacy. Chris Fly, Cherokee, Fly
6 Doherty. Berlie Children of Winter
6 Doherty. Berlie Street Child
6 Durrell. Gerald My Family and Other Animals
6 Farmer. Penelope Charlotte Sometimes
6 Fine. Anne Flour Babies
6 Fisk. Nicholas  Grinny
6 Fisk. Nicholas  Space Hostages
6 Frank. Anne The Diary of Anne Frank
6 Garfield. Leon Black Jack
6 Garfield. Leon John Diamond
6 Garfield. Leon Smith
6 Garfield. Leon The December Rose
6 Garner, Alan The Owl Service
6 Garner. Alan Elidor
6 Garner. Alan The Moon of Gomrath
6 Garner. Alan The Owl Service
6 Garner. Alan The Wierdstone of Brisingamen
6 Geras. Adele A Candle in the Dark
6 Godden. Rumer The Diddakoi
6 Grahame. Kenneth The Wind in the Willows
6 Grice. Frederick The Bonnie Pit Laddie
6 Guin. Ursula Le A Wizard of Earthsea
6 Hoban. Russell The Mouse and his Child
6 Holm. Anne I Am David
6 Hughes. Carol Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves
6 Jacques. Brian A Tale of Redwall ( Series )
6 Jacques. Brian Mossflower
6 Jarvis. Robin The Whitby Witches
6 Jennings. Paul Undone
6 Johns. Captain W. E. Biggles ( Series )
6 Juster. Norton The Phantom Tollbooth
6 Kemp. Gene Jason Bodger and the Priory Ghost
6 Kemp. Gene The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler
6 Kerr. Judith When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
6 King. Clive Stig of the Dump
6 Laird. Elizabeth Me and My Electric
6 L'Engle. Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time
6 Lewis. C. S. The Chronicles of Narnia
6 Lingard. Joan The File on Fraulein Berg
6 Lingard. Joan Tug of War
6 Lively. Penelope Fanny and the Monsters
6 Lively. Penelope Going Back
6 Lively. Penelope The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
6 London. Jack The Call of the Wild
6 London. Jack White Fang
6 Lowry. Lois Number The Stars
6 Magorian. Michelle A Spoonful of Jam
6 Magorian. Michelle Back Home
6 Magorian. Michelle Goodnight Mr. Tom
6 Mahy. Margaret Underrunners
6 Mark. Jan Thunder and Lightnings
6 Masefield. John The Box of Delights
6 McCaughrean. Geraldine Plundering Paradise
6 Montgomery. L.M. Anne of Green Gables
6 Morpurgo. Michael Friend or Foe ?
6 Morpurgo. Michael King of the Cloud Forests
6 Morpurgo. Michael My Friend Walter
6 Morpurgo. Michael The Wreck of the Zanzibar
6 Morpurgo. Michael Waiting For Anya
6 Morpurgo. Michael War Horse
6 Morpurgo. Michael Why The Whales Came
6 Naidoo. Beverley Journey To Jo'burg
6 Nesbit. E. Five Children and It
6 Nesbit. E. The Phoenix and the Carpet
6 Nesbit. E. The Railway Children
6 Nimmo. Jenny Snow Spider
6 Nimmo. Jenny The Chestnut Soldier
6 Norris. Andrew Matt's Millions
6 Norriss. Andrew Aquila
6 Norton. Mary The Borrowers
6 O'Brien. Robert C. Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
6 O'Dell. Scott Island of Blue Dolphins
6 Paterson. Katherine Bridge To Terabitha
6 Pearce. Phillipa Minnow on the Say
6 Pearce. Phillipa The Battle of Bubble and Squeak
6 Pearce. Phillipa The Way To Sattin Shore
6 Pearce. Phillipa Tom's Midnight Garden
6 Pettitt. Jayne A Time To Fight Back
6 Peyton. K.M. Flambards ( Trilogy )
6 Pilling. Ann Henry's Leg
6 Price. Willard The Adventure Series
6 Pullman. Philip Clockwork
6 Ransome. Arthur Coot Club
6 Ransome. Arthur Swallows and Amazons ( Series )
6 Ransome. Arthur The Picts and the Martyrs
6 Ridley. Philip Krindlekrax
6 Ridley. Philip Zinderzunder
6 Rol. Rudd van der  Anne Frank : Beyond The Diary
6 Rowling. J. K. Harry Potter ( Series ) 
6 Seraillier. Ian The Silver Sword
6 Sewell. Anna Black Beauty
6 Smirthwaite. John The Falcon's Quest
6 Smucker. Barbara Amish Adventure
6 Smucker. Barbara Jacob's Little Giant
6 Smucker. Barbara Underground To Canada
6 Southall. Ivan Let The Balloon Go
6 Spyri. Johanna Heidi
6 Stevenson. Robert L. Treasure Island
6 Stewart. Paul Adam's Ark
6 Storr. Catherine Marianne Dreams
6 Storr. Catherine The Boy and the Swan
6 Streatfield. Noel Ballet Shoes
6 Sutcliff. Rosemary Beowulf : Dragonslayer
6 Sutcliff. Rosemary The Eagle of the Ninth
6 Swindells. Robert Hurricane Summer
6 Taylor. Mildred Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
6 Temperley. Alan Ragboy, Rats and the Surging Sea
6 Theroux. Paul A Christmas Card
6 Tolkein. J. R. R. The Hobbit
6 Tomlinson. Theresa The Cellar Lad
6 Twain. Mark The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
6 Twain. Mark The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
6 Ure. Jean Becky Bananas
6 Ure. Jean Who Says Animals Don't Have Rights ?
6 Walsh. Jill Paton Fireweed
6 Walsh. Jill Paton The Dolphin Crossing
6 Waugh. Sylvia The Mennyms
6 Westall. Robert Blitzcat
6 Westall. Robert Children of the Blitz
6 Westall. Robert Kingdom By the Sea
6 Westall. Robert Stormsearch
6 Westall. Robert The Machine Gunners
6 White. T. H. The Sword in the Stone
6 Wilder. Laura Ingalls Little House on the Prairie
6 Wilson. Forrest Super Gran ( Series )